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Antique & Classic Casting Rebuilders specializes in cast iron fusion welding of antique and classic automotive parts. Our goal at Antique & Classic Casting Rebuilders is to give our customers the best quality, the fastest turnaround, and the fairest price. If your casting has exploded, send the pieces to us (as well as a picture of what it is supposed to look like), and we will rebuild it as close to the original as possible. Call Rick Geertsema for quotes and shipping information today.

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Quality Work

Below is an example of the excellent work done by Antique & Classic Casting Rebuilders. The first image is of a block that had freeze cracks on one side (and someone had tried to weld it with an arc welder and then braze over the arc weld). This caused more cracking and actually destroyed the side. The side was not salvageable and had to be removed and replaced with a new cast iron piece. The second image shows the completed project after much grinding and blending of the welds.

Cast Iron Welding Experience

A Block That Had Freeze Cracks on One Side Refurbished Block After Blending Welds

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