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The Casting Rebuilders with Real Experience

A&C Casting Rebuilders is owned and operated by Rick Geertsema, who oversees all of the work personally. Rick spent 40 years in the diesel and automotive engine component business. He started his business in April of 1999, and the business became operational as A&C Casting Rebuilders in October of 2003. You can rely on his vast experience to serve you right. Learn more about his work experience and the services we provide. References are available upon request.

Cast Iron Services

At A&C Casting Rebuilders, we specialize in cast iron and aluminum fusion welding of antique and classic automotive parts. These include cylinder heads, blocks, intake and exhaust manifolds, and transmission cases. We also work on marine, industrial, and heavy-duty parts. Call us today to learn more or with any questions you may have.

Front of Antique Car

Rick Geertsema's Work Experience

1960-1963 (Kern Casting Rebuilders, Bakersfield, CA)

Rick Geertsema learned cast iron welding from Austin Palmer, who was taught by Carl Guth. Carl Guth (along with Harvey Pascoe) was one of the original designers of this type of repair method. Rick is a second-generation welder.


Northwest Motor Welding, Worldwide


Welder, Weld Shop Forman


Welder, Machinist, Salesman, Assistant Manager


General Manager

1991-2003 (Excelsweld Corp., Oakland, CA — Vice President/General Manager)

During this time, Rick began welding again to smooth out peaks and valleys of the automotive cylinder head business. In 2003, we sold the automobile cylinder head division of Excelsweld, while keeping the cast iron welding part of the business to start A&C Casting Rebuilders.

October 2003-Present

The first year of A&C Casting Rebuilders was very successful. We earned a good reputation with various restoration shops throughout the continental United States and even with overseas clients.

Welding Images

The images below are of a project completed at A&C Casting Rebuilders. Check them out now and learn more about our dedication to quality.

Frozen Block with Cracks on the Side

This block had freeze cracks on one side — and someone had tried to weld it with an arc welder and then braze over the arc weld. This caused more cracking and actually destroyed the side. The piece was not salvageable and had to be replaced with a new cast iron piece.

Block in the Process of Getting a New Welded  Side

The side has been removed and the other cracks ground out. Cracks have been welded in the cast iron block, and a new side has been welded on the block.

Block with New Side Fitted in Place and the Other Cracks Welded.

The new side has been fitted into place and the other cracks welded.

New Side of Block Welded In

The new side has been welded in. Hand grinding has been started on the block robs, and soft plug holes are in place.

Hand Grinding has Started for this Block

Hand grinding has been started.

Restored Block

Welded ribs and soft plug holes are in place. This is the restored block after grinding and Bl.